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The size of an instantaneous water heater is expressed in its flow rate per minute. Units should be set to supply the water at the required temperature. It makes no sense to expend energy heating water and then cooling it by adding cold.




  • Domestic instant water heater with natural exhaust
  • Water gas linked automatic ignition, no pilot light
  • Automatic pulse ignition from two standard torch batteries
  • Flame height, gas flow switch
  • Temperature, water flow rate switch
  • On and off switch for cold or hot water
  • Low water pressure starting
  • Water pressure stabilizing design
  • Starting indicator light


  • Water over heating protection (750C)
  • Exhaust over heating (1150C)
  • Flame out gas cut off
  • Low flow cut off
  • Non return valve
  • Anti frost protection
  • Gas type, LPG
  • Gas pressure 2000 – 2800 pa
  • Exhaust temperature 1650C
  • Solenoid lifetime 300 000 times
  • Water pressure min 0.25 bar
  • Water pressure max 5.0 bar



  • A hot water tap is turned on Water enters the heater
  • The water flow sensor detects the water flow
  • The computer automatically ignites the burner Water circulates through the heat exchanger
  • The heat exchanger heats the water to the designated temperature
  • When the tap is turned off, the unit shuts down Professional installation compulsory


Kexin geysers are tested and certified as being compliant with the provisions of the SABS regulation SANS (South African National Standards), and their sale have been issued by the LPGSA safety association)


  1. Is the unit connected to the correct size gas bottle and regulator
  2. Is there sufficient gas?
  3. Does the gas geyser have new batteries?
  4. Does the unit have enough water pressure (0.025 – 0.5MPA)
  5. Are the settings on the unit correct? The knob on the left hand side (fire adjuster), should be on the half way mark and the knob on the right hand side (temperature adjuster), should be on the three quarter mark.
  6. Should borehole water be utilised, the sieve (netting) must be clean as this will reduce water pressure and cause problems


6lt/ 8lt / 12lt

The units operate off very little water pressure which is perfectly suited for outdoors and remote locations such as farms and rural areas.(0.025Mpa)BAR


The difference between low pressure units and normal units are:

  • There are two solenoid valves for low pressure units. The normal units have one.
  • The advantage of the low pressure units is the house or somewhere with very low water pressure can get the gas geysers started.
  • The function of the water inlet switch is different.
  • The normal units use the micro-switch (mechanical switch). When there is enough water pressure to open the diaphragm ,the cold water flows into the valve and the micro-switch will be started , and then ignite the geyser.
  • The low water pressure units use the magnetic switch. When there is little water flowing into the valve, the magnetic switch will be opened and then ignite.

6lt Camping Geyser

  • Water power adjustable shower head
  • 12v Electric pump with on/off switch and shower hose attachment
  • Colours available in: Sky, Forest, Ice, Storm or Army Camo

A portable gas shower specifically designed to enable and ensure that all South African’s have access to instant hot water, indoors or outdoors, 4x4ing, caravanning or boating.

Just simply fill a bucket or container with water, attach the power cord to your car’s battery or cigarette lighter socket. Put the hose pipe into the container and switch on to enjoy a refreshing shower.

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